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15 Januari 2012

"Inkigayo Performers List [120115]"

# Take 7!

T-ara [Lovey Dovey]], Dynamic Duo [거기서 거기(Without You)], Davichi&T-ara [We Were In Love], TEEN TOP [Crazy], Lee Hyun [Because It's You], Electro Boyz [Ma Boy 2], A pink [MY MY]

# Comeback special #

- Nine Muses [News]
- Sunny Hill [Grasshopper Song]
- Rainbow Pixie [Hoi Hoi]
- MBLAQ [It's War/Scribble]

# TAKE 7 #

- Lee Hyun [Because It's You]
- Electro Boyz [Ma Boy 2]
- Dynamic Duo [거기서 거기(Without You)]
- A Pink [MY MY]
- Davichi and T-ara [We Were In love]
- TEEN TOP [Crazy]
- T-ara [Lovey Dovey]

# Hot Music #

- CHAOS [She's Coming]
- Park Hyun Bin [Hourglass]
- Fat Cat [Is Being Pretty Everything]
- NS Yoonji [The Reason I Became A Witch]
- Boyfriend [I'll Be There]

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