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6 Desember 2011

"Bebe Mignon Profile!!"

Female new trio group BeBe Mignon released their mini-album, “All I Did Was Be Good to You,” on November 9th. What caught the attention of most, however, was not their song, but their shortest member, Ben (who is 153cm). Their debut digital single, “I’m short, and not pretty…” is actually dedicated to Ben’s appearance.
BeBe Mignon was a project group envisioned by Vibe’s Yoon Min Su, who wanted a female counterpart to ’4men.’ Although the girls had previous individual training before they came together as a group, their talents really began to shine under the personal supervision of Yoon Min Su and 4men’s vocalist Shin Yong JaeHae Geum, a dance major from ‘An Yang Arts High School’, once dreamed of becoming a performance-oriented singer while Park Ga Eul was formerly an acting trainee.
베베 미뇽 (BeBe Mignon)
와이후엔터프라이즈 (YWHO Enterprise)

Profile members :
가을 (Ga Eul)
Full name: 박가을 (Park Ga Eul)
Born: February 17, 1992
Physique: 165cm, 43kg
Education: Inha Tech College, Fashion design student
Twitter: @mignongaeul
해금 (Hae Geum)
Full name: 오혜금 (Oh Hae Geum)
Born: May 17, 1989
Physique: 165cm, 43kg
Hobbies: watching movies, ballet
Skills: Modern dance, break dance
Education: DongDuk Woman’s University, Broadcasting
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/10043979
Twitter: @mignonkom
벤 (Ben)
Real name:
이은영 (Lee Eun Young)
Born: July 30, 1991
Physique: 153cm, 38kg
Hobbies: traveling, bowling, cooking
Skills: piano, drum
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/mignonben
Twitter: @mignonben

키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만.. (Single)
01. 키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만..
잘해준 것 밖에 없는데 (EP)
01. 키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만..
02. 잘해준 것 밖에 없는데
03. 오빠바보
04. 키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만.. (Inst.)
05. 잘해준 것 밖에 없는데 (Inst.)
06. 오빠바보 (Inst.)

키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만.. Teaser
잘해준 것 밖에 없는데 MV

Shin Yong Jae, Mi & Ben – Dry Your Eyes

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